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Up for auction: bar equipment, light-up promotional bar signs, multiple flat screen TVs, barware, surfboard-theme tables, chairs, barstools, memorabilia.

15% Buyer's Premium, 4.71% GET. All items sold as is with no warranties or guarantees. [SCROLL DOWN FOR OTHER IMPORTANT DETAILS

Online auction ends Sunday, February 25. Starts ending 6pm at 1-minute intervals, which means Lot 1 scheduled to end at 6:00 pm, Lot 2 at 6:01 pm, etc. HOWEVER, if anyone places a bid on a particular lot within 5 minutes of its scheduled closure time, 5 minutes will be added to the clock for that particular lot. A five-minute time extension will continue to occur each time a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes until there’s at least 5 minutes remaining with no additional bids.

Invoices will go out the night of Feb. 25. Pickup Monday, February 26.
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Auction Items Coming Soon! There are no items currently viewable for this auction,
but they will be available here as soon as they are ready.